Service To Employers

• Perform in-depth Pre-Employment background investigations of applicants for eligibility, suitability, criminal and security clearance.

• Provide verification of citizenship, credit and criminal history checks, verification of education, employment and residences within the preceding 20 years.

• Perform interview of employers, co-workers, supervisors, human resource staff, friends, neighbors, classmates and sports/club associates. 

• Perform face to face interviews with subject, employers, neighbors, co-workers, friends and associates as well as record searches at law enforcement agencies, courthouses, financial and educational institutions relative to the subject of investigation.

• Such information are compiled and submitted to clients in a clear and concise confidential report/memorandum using a secure computer system.

Rental Property Managers & Owners

• Provide security consultation for corporations and organizations to mitigate physical risk/loss.

• Perform a risk assessment of prospective renters for Property and Apartment/Condo Leasing Managers.

• Perform criminal and other investigations in support of court/legal cases.

• Conduct complex, ultra sensitive criminal investigations in addition to intelligence collection operations.

• Perform some surveillance pursuant to collection of criminal evidence and intelligence.

• Collect and report on non-investigated intelligence information by conducting liaison with
potential sources of information, obtaining, reviewing and assessing the value of such data.

• Assist in preparation of cases in State and District Courts.

• Provide expert testimony before Grand Juries, Courts and Administrative hearings on results of completed investigations.

• Initiate and maintain continuing liaison and consultation with municipal, state and other investigative and law enforcement agencies in Eastern Massachusetts.

Consultation Services

Service to Attorneys and Law Firms

Personal Protection Operations

• Perform personal, corporate and executive protection operations for our clients.

Court/Legal Documents

What We Do

All services are provided with utmost integrity and confidentiality.

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